The Purse With Two Sides


Everything began when Thomas and Regina during their "Embodied Life" training with Russell Delman learned the practice to go back to moments of the day. It's about reminding a moment as if it would happen again right now. Where am I? What do I feel? Is anyone around me or am I alone? What do I do? At the end of a day we can remember moments that touched us. If we practice this over time, we learn to be fully present right at the time when these moments happen.

A few weeks later, it was just before Regina's birthday, Thomas was jogging and all of a sudden had the idea what to give her for her birthday: A Täschli with two sides. He bought patches in a Zurich fabric store, press buttons and beans. He tried some patterns until he was ready to sew it by hand. The original Täschli was born. The joy of Regina was great, and she uses the Täschli daily: a bean from one side to the other, for every moment in awareness.

Soon after we realized that this could be a contribution to a positive change in the world. This happens by individuals practicing an attitude of gratitude and mindfulness. We have the vision to combine our venture with a social project to provide fair working conditions. People had a chance to make a meaningful contribution. Everyone according to his talent helps creating this meaningful gift.

We could inspire our friend Olivia from our project. She was full of ideas, brought us in contact with her sister who breeds cashmere goats, let us work in her studio and use her sewing machine for the work on the prototype. We had a lot of fun to try out various materials and develop patterns.

Other people helped us experimenting to find the pattern during the prototyping phase. Some contacts we met in the time-sharing network "Tauschen am Fluss" in Zurich. We auctioned a Swiss quality sewing machine from the fifties and travelled to find the materials for the production. Now we were ready to rock and roll!