The Purse With Two Sides

Given Moments

To be given and to give from the heart

Moments that we consciously experience are precious. In them you find abundance.

Do we know what we are experiencing every day? We stay in line and someone in front of us admits us, we are walking in a busy street, and suddenly someone smiles at us, the scent of lavender on our balcony reminds us of a summer of our childhood.

When we learn to perceive these moments, we remember: We are richly blessed. Seeming trifles become treasures.

The Täschli helps to collect these moments of day. On one side there are beans or pebbles. You relive such a moment, give a bean or a small stone to the other side. Before falling asleep, you can relive those moments again. You realize how big your wealth is today.

The Täschli becomes a companion in your everyday life. Over time, you feel more and more grateful for the given moments.

When we tell what touches us, we recognize our similarities, we feel connected to each other. My moments are a place on this website, which allows to inspire each other.